Wedding Chalkboards

Beautiful, hand painted, bespoke chalkboards that act as a gorgeous welcome for your guests to your special day.

It was February 2016 and 2 months before my wedding. I really wanted a lovely welcome for my guests as they turned up to the Manor for our wedding day. I got in touch with a local chalkboard artist and asked if very nicely if he could do me one. He replied "I only do pub boards". I didn't give up there, I went on a famous selling site, bought myself an a-board and some chalk pens and created a masterpiece. You know you have created something good when EVERYONE asked where I got it from. I was proud to say "I made it" and that was the beginning of my love for chalkboards. I have created lots since and continue to get lovely couples giving me great ideas to work with. Please look thought my gallery to see the many examples of boards I have painted.

Prices can be found here.

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