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Here is a little story for you on this Bank Holiday Monday... Last year the lovely Louise of Louise Pritchard - Country and Formal Flowers told one of her brides-to-be to like my facebook page. Her name was Katie. She entered and won my first facebook competition for a free wedding chalkboard. Thats when we got talking. She came round my house and we hit it off straight away. She has the most infectious laugh and is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. She had already booked her venue (great choice as its the same place I got married) and her brother created some lovely wedding invitations and save the dates for her. She still needed my help with other bits and pieces though. I am not sure in what order I created these bits for her as I did something each month but here are some of the things I created for her...

1. Her Wedding Breakfast options. We did this so the Manor knew who was eating what.

2. A sign for her Honesty Barrel. This is when the Bride and Groom supply a barrel of beer and guests can help themselves but are asked kindly to donate to a charity. James and Katie's chosen charity was Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust.

My husband took advantage of this...

3. Bunting. When Katie came to my house, she saw my wooden bunting so I made some for her.

4. Postbox sign.

Katie also saw my wedding postbox and so she ordered her own and I helped her make the sign to go on it.

5. Chalkboards. As I mentioned earlier, Katie won my Wedding Chalkboard giveaway. You can view the draw here. Here is the board I created for her.

She loved it so much that it became a double sider...

And she even bought another one to show her yummy evening food menu...

She decorated them both with lovely butterfly lights.

6. Table Plan. This is probably my favourite piece. In one of our conversations about weddings, the subject of Table Plans came up. She asked me about my theme and I told her that it was sweet themed as my husband loves sweets. I asked Katie what her and James like to do and she said gaming. So I said "there is your theme. Each table can be a different game controller". I set about drawing these. It was lots of fun.

After these were drawn, I had them printed out and I mounted them on foamex. These are for the centers of each table. Then came the seating plan.

Isn't it beautiful. I am waiting for a lovely photo of it in situ. I had this printed straight onto foamex so its nice and sturdy. Thank you to all at Colour Connection. It was perfect. James and Katie were so pleased with my help, and we got on so well, I was invited to the evening do which I loved.

Proud creative right there...

It was a lovely evening do and by all accounts a fantastic day all round. So much love and happiness for this amazing couple.


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