• Victoria Wager

Children's Packs for Weddings

A lovely bride-to-be came over the other day and the topic of 'children's packs' came up. She asked me what I put in mine to entertain the children at my wedding. I had 5 little girls attend. My twins (aged 3 at the time) my nieces who were 2 and 6 and one of our best men's little girl who was 4. I started by making my own activity book. You can just buy one but doing what I do, I decided to design them and personalise them...

I designed the middle spread the way I did so I could get a cheap pack of stickers for the children to decorate the pages with them. I then bought some packs of colouring pencils. I took out the inserts and made my own so they looked personalised...

I bought some cheap 'wedding cake' bubbles, added a straw, a bag of sweets and my boxes were done...

I put them all in an A5 container (similar to this... click here )

I decorated them with a nice big bow and personalised tags. Please excuse the poor quality photo.

Something else we gave the children, which I highly recommend, were hand held water games. Sounds scary! They aren't. I don't know if you remember these from your childhoods but they are so much fun, quiet and small.

They can be found here. My children still play on theirs a year on...

Thank you for reading. Have fantastic Easter Sundays tomorrow everyone.


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