• Victoria Wager

My First Blog

Hi everyone, What a week! I have launched my brand new website and also starting my first blog. The feedback I have had about my website so far has been amazing and a lot of people have been visiting which is reassuring, even someone from the US. Within the first few hours I have already have a customer ask about a chalkboard for her business. I am so excited about this and hope it helps me reach a wider audience. My chalkboard giveaway on facebook for Design By Victoria 1st birthday is going well. Page likes are up to 1426 and need to reach 1500 before I make the draw. I hope I reach target on my 1st wedding anniversary on Monday - maybe I should do the draw in my wedding dress ;) Its actually Good Friday today so I am off to do fun things with my twins and then back later to finish off a chalkboard for a lovely bride who is getting married at the end of the month. Have a fab good Friday everyone! -Victoria-

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